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What we are?

What is NoodleZero?

Every pack of our NoodleZero meal replacement is manufactured using natural and high-quality konjac as raw materials, combined with the cutting-edge glucomannan extraction and purification technology from Japan. There is less than 100 Cal in each of NoodleZero meals, which is equivalent to the amount of energy from an apple (including all flavourings and soup bases). Glucomannan, the effective component of the NoodleZero meal, is the best dietary fiber in the world. Consumption of dietary fiber reduces hunger and supresses appetite, while keeping calorie intake low. You need to burn more calories than you eat for the diet plan to work. With NoodleZero being a part of your diet plan, you will not experience excessive hunger anymore. You will reduce calorie intake by 2500 calories in a week if you replace dinners with NoodleZero meals. As a result, you will lose approx. 4 kg in a month.
What we do?

The tastiest meal replacement ever

NoodleZero is made from the best dietary fiber in the world, glucomannan. It improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, reduces blood glucose and prevents constipation. A commitment to make delicious products has always been our priority. Our R&D team carefully designed and tested each flavour of NoodleZero meal replacements and the freshness is retained using the latest technology. You can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal that suits your taste with less than 100 kcal. Dieting can be fun with NoodleZero.
What they say?

Over 500,000 packs of NoodleZero have been sold nationally here in Australia and New Zealand!

“I’ve lost 9 kg after finishing a box of NoodleZero! It tastes really good. It’s just unbelievable! I have recommended NoodleZero to all my friends!” “I have a degree in Podiatry. There is scientific evidence to support the role of meal replacements in weight-loss. I have lost 6 kg in a month.” “I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. I started eating NoodleZero meal replacements because of the recommendations from my friends. My blood glucose level dropped significantly and went back to the normal range after a few meals. Most importantly, they taste much better than other low-carb foods. " “I’ve been eating NoodleZero supplemented with desserts in the afternoons and I still have lost 4 kg in a month! It’s such a surprise. Tomato flavour is my favorite!"

Our Friends


I have a thorough understanding in konjac vegetable hence I chose NoodleZero as my daily dinner. It is an excellent way to manage my daily energy intake!

Yoyo Chen

Finally gone beyond my bottleneck on diet!!! I find it unbelievably delicious, very filling and takes a while before I feel hungry again. I love seafood and tomato flavour particularly and have lost 5kg all up!

Lucy & Adam

It was a great pleasure to have NoodleZero introduced into our lives 6 months ago. NoodleZero had soon become our daily staples and Adam had lost 14kg over the period. It was a fantastic feeling to be able to integrate healthy diet and outdoor activities into our daily routine!
Our friendly customer team is keen on helping you shape a new shining body in 4 weeks!